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What is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)?

Healthy Dollars’ HRAs are tax-free accounts funded by your company to aid your employees with healthcare expenses. Your company sets the limits for the account and unused dollars remain with your company. HRA plans are not portable and will not follow your workers to any new employment.

These accounts can be linked to any group health plan, in an effort to control health insurance costs.  

Over a year, the amount deposited should generally cover their average healthcare expenses, but be less than the annual deductible, potentially creating a gap, making them responsible for a portion of expenses. This gives your employees the incentive to be a wise consumer and gives them options when shopping for their healthcare. 

The amount of funding, eligible expenses and rollover amount (if any), is decided by the employer and specified in the Plan Document which is provided to all HRA participants.

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Healthy Dollars helps both employees and employers save money with tax-free and pre-tax accounts. Our plans utilize a benefit card to pay for qualified expenses.
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